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Who we are

Welcome to St Anne's Nursery and Primary School


To bring up learners that will be ready to face the future with great confidence to live a purposeful life, appreciate their talents and fulfill their destinies wholistically.


To equip learners with Quality Education, Moral Values and Spiritual Upliftment.

We continue to work hard to build upon our strenght to achieve set goals

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You are Welcome!

You are Welcome!

You are Welcome!

You are Welcome!

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David A. Francis
David A. Francis
My School is a medium of learning and is often regarded as a place of worship for the learners. The school is well equipped facilities such as computer lab, library, and nice playground.Our classes are modern and our hall is outstanding. Since i joined the school my life has never remained the same. The school is affordable with quality education that have helped me develop in all aspectss of my life.
Liatu James
Liatu James
For me my school is a home away from home. Each classroom I have sat made an indelible mark on my memory. The see-saw in the park, the assemblies, physical training classes, lunch break, chit-chats, sports competition, exams, etc all have deep imprints in my mind.
Chima Nze Oguchi
Chima Nze Oguchi
Not only is the school excellent in education, but also excellent in sports. I have always loved sporting activities. At St. Annes, I have the platform to express my talents and grow steadily. I aim to complete my studies with laurels. I wish to shine brightly in my higher studies and career to spread the pride of my school. So help me God.
Lucy Nadoo Tyagher
Lucy Nadoo Tyagher
I love my school because we don't have frightening rules. My teachers are kind, but wrongdoing they do mind. St Anne's Nursery and Primary School is a great kingdom with a lovely atmosphere. Inculcated into us is not fear, as they believe in every student. School days are very dear and studying in the school is not just a pleasure, it is truly a lifetime experience
Grace Chiegeonu
Grace Chiegeonu
At St Anne's lives are changed morally and spiritually. We are priviledged to have some spiritual Fathers and Mothers with us. Furthermore, there are qualifies and flexible-minded administrators and teachers that are always willing and excited to work. No wonder why we have the new age Aristotle, Edison, Einstein and Socrates among us.
Chikamso Chukwuma
Chikamso Chukwuma
I like my school because of its position as one of the top five schools in Kaduna Stateof the conducive learning environment. The teachers are well seasoned and willing to instruct and teach. Every care is taken for the development of the scholarsm and

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P.O. BOX 88, Kakuri, Kaduna South, Kaduna State.
+234 803 332 0643

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